Mr C was being treated in hospital for multiple myeloma cancer, kidney cancer and a broken back.  His boiler was not working at home (and was beyond economic repair) and so he had no regular heating or hot water, greatly impacting his health and wellbeing.

Mr C had initially been referred to a local ECO HHCRO supported heating scheme but was deemed not to be eligible for any support as although his boiler was not working it was still determined by the energy supplier as being too new and efficient.  Such outcomes are an increasingly common occurrence over recent years.

Mr C was then referred to Warm Zones by MacMillan Cancer Care who were also able to contribute a maximum of about 25% of the cost of the new boiler.  Warm Zones then worked with partners to secure additional crisis funding and also contributed some from its own Vulnerable Homes Fund to ensure that the job could go ahead at no cost to Mr C (who was already on a low income and with limited savings).

Warm Zones also confirmed with MacMillan that Mr C was claiming all the benefits and welfare support he was entitled to.

Warm Zones then received a thank you card from Mr C, a copy of which is in the attached picture, which underlines the positive difference Warm Zones is making to some of the most vulnerable in society who would otherwise miss out.

Thank you Warm Zones