What have we delivered & what is the impact?

Warm Zones have established an unrivalled 15 year track record working with Local Authorities, housing companies, energy suppliers, the health sector & local partners across the country to help secure many tens of millions of pounds of external investment and deliver the following across all housing tenures:

  • Over 1 million home energy and fuel poverty assessments completed
  • 440,000 insulation & heating improvements delivered to over 360,000 homes
  • £44 million p.a. of additional benefits income secured for vulnerable homes

The impact of this delivery is profound, resulting in the following estimated gains:

  • Economic boost of c£80 million each year (from fuel bill savings & benefits income)
  • Lifetime NPV savings* to the NHS of over £390 million
  • Cost-effectively tackling fuel poverty, supporting hundreds of local jobs & helping boost the economy

*net present value saving of over £390 million over the lifetime of the measures installed, calculated using the Government’s HIDEEM model.

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