Mr Hailes

Mr Hailes – who has a number of health issues – contacted Warm Zones following the local promotion of a free insulation and heating project in partnership with his Local Authority.

Warm Zones surveyed his home and installed cavity wall insulation, significantly boosting the energy efficiency and comfort of his home.

Mr Hailes was also passed to a Warm Zone Benefits Advisor who identified that although he was already on support group for Employment Support Allowance (ESA ) he was missing out on the Enhanced Disability Premium.  After numerous calls to Jobcentre Plus on his behalf to clarify his position, Jobcentre Plus sent Mr Hailes the relevant forms to complete.  However, Mr Hailes needed more assistance, not only due to the nature of the forms but also because his hands cramp up when he tries to write.  The Warm Zone advisor helped him complete and submit the application.  Mr Hailes was then awarded an additional £819 p.a. with an arrears payment of £90.

This additional funding, combined with the home insulation improvement, has given Mr Hailes the confidence to ensure he properly heats his home to a level that allows him to live in greater comfort and to better manage his health concerns.

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