Mr Morley

Mr Morley, 73, has a range of health issues including asbestosis, pleural plaques and prostate cancer.  He was identified as requiring additional home insulation as part of a local project with his Council and following a home survey loft insulation was installed free of charge sing the Warm Zones Fund.  This was enough to take the energy efficiency rating of Mr Morley’s home into EPC Band C.

Mr Morley also agreed benefits entitlement review which identified that although he was already in receipt of a basic level of Attendance Allowance he was eligible for an enhanced rate.  The Warm Zone advisor helped him apply and complete the form and secured an additional boost to Mr Morley’s annual income of over £1,440 with a one-off back payment of £218.

In addition Warm Zones was also able to help Mr Morley to claim help with his hospital travel costs as he was struggling to afford taxis to hospital for all the various treatments he had been having.

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