Mrs Bounday

This was a particularly acute hardship case where Warm Zones was able to intervene just in time and make a profound difference to the client.

Mrs Bounday, aged 61, had in the past been on Employment Support Allowance (and previous versions of this) due to various mental health issues.  When her father passed away he left her some money which then meant Mrs Bounday was ineligible for ESA.  She used these funds to survive until the point that she literally had nothing in her bank account as she was not able to get by on her other income of less than £6,000 a year.  She was not aware that she was now entitled to more help. When she was referred to Warm Zones she was selling bits of her home furniture to try and generate enough income to buy more food.

Warm Zones worked with Mrs Bounday to help her get her ESA reinstated at an enhanced rate (which in itself secured over £3,800 p.a. in additional income) as well as referring her for further local assistance.

Warm Zones was also able to install – free of charge using the Warm Zones Fund – a new, high efficiency gas boiler with better controls to replace her inefficient and very unreliable old one.

The combination of this additional income and her new boiler has proved vital in helping her start to turn around her life and at least be able to get by with a basic income and enjoy a warmer, healthier home.

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