Ms Carrell

“This is the first winter that I’ve not had to be admitted to hospital. It’s made a huge difference, the house is always lovely and warm, I’m able to do so much more”

Ms Carrell, a retired nurse, contacted Warm Zones as she was struggling to properly heat her home with the few old electricity storage heaters she had, with no heating in the kitchen or bedrooms.

It was difficult to keep the house at a temperature much above 15C.  Ms Carrell had to sleep under a pile of blankets in an attempt to keep warm.  Every morning, she would get up to put on the (expensive) immersion heater and then rush back to bed to wait for the hour or more it took to heat the water in order that she could have a hot bath.

Ms Carrell was recently diagnosed with a severe respiratory problem which required regular lung physiotherapy and a growing number of hospital admissions. As a result it was vital that Warm Zones acted to provide her with a heating system more suitable to her needs.  Ms Carrel informed Warm Zones that her consultant advised that she need to “live in a warm home and to avoid chest infections at any cost”.

Although Ms Carrell was in fuel poverty she did not qualify for any mainstream grant assistance and did not have a mains gas supply to her house.  Warm Zones worked in partnership with Northern Gas Networks to secure funding via their assisted gas connection scheme to install a gas supply.  At the same time, Warm Zones pulled together a package of crisis funding, with contributions secured from local charities and Warm Zones own local gap funding.  That allowed a full new gas heating system and controls to be installed, ensuring the home could be properly heated throughout and that Ms Carrell could afford to pay the fuel bills.  This has made a profound difference to the health and wellbeing of Ms Carrell and significantly reduced her use of local NHS services.

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