Loft insulation

As around a quarter of the heat from your home is lost through your roof it makes good sense to make sure your loft space or roof is well insulated.

Loft insulation is usually a simple, quick and very cost-effective measure to install.

Warm Zones can offer up to 100% grants for loft insulation which can then save up to £140 off your fuel bill each year and for up to 40 years to come.  That all adds up to a big saving for you.

If you install full loft insulation (where you have none before) you could typically save around £140 off your annual fuel bills*

If you already have some loft insulation but need to top it up to the full recommended 10 inches or 270mm, then you could still typically save around £15 off your annual fuel bills*

We use trusted local installers with a track record of excellent quality and customer service.

We also carry out our own, independent quality assurance checks

* Source: Energy Saving Trust, assuming a 3 bed semi-detached house with mains gas heating.
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