The Warm Zones Fund – making a big difference to the most vulnerable

Warm Zones is continuing to very successfully use the additional funding secured via its “Warm Zones Fund” to help improve the lives of some of the most vulnerable people in society who would otherwise miss out.

One recent example is Mrs H.  Although Mrs H was struggling to manage her health problems, she thought she would not qualify for any assistance. Her health issues included Bronchiectasis, Arthritis and being unsteady on her feet.

However, the Warm Zone benefits advisor identified a claim for Attendance Allowance and encouraged and supported her to make that.  Mrs H was awarded the Higher Rate worth £4,280 per year with £329 back-pay.

Warm Zone also fitted a new boiler for Mrs H, replacing her old, inefficient and expensive to run boiler with a modern A-rated boiler and improved controls.

The new boiler has already made a big difference to Mrs H over the winter as she is now much better able to maintain a good air temperature – vital for her as she has been advised by her GP that it’s essential for her to keep warm to avoid further chest infections and breathing difficulties.  Mrs H is now also more confident that she can afford to properly heat her home.  As such, this is likely to reduce her demand on NHS services and support in the future.

The works carried out by Warm Zones also had the advantage of increasing the EPC home energy efficiency of her home to a C rating, consistent with the aim of the government’s Fuel Poverty Strategy.

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