Warm Zones delivery saving the NHS over £390 million!

Warm Zones has worked with its parent company National Energy Action – the national charity seeking to end fuel poverty – to estimate the total economic savings to the NHS of all the Warm Zones delivery to date.

This collaboration aimed to estimate the quantifiable economic health-related impacts of the delivery of energy efficiency measures to date by Warm Zones cic, using currently available independent and authoritative metrics from government and official NHS sources.

Using the Government’s HIDEEM model, the total delivery to date by Warm Zones on energy efficiency measures has resulted in a net present value saving of over £390 million over the lifetime of the measures installed – a very substantial economic impact.

Similarly, using the measure of Quality Adjusted Life Year (QALY) added, Warm Zones’ delivery has resulted in a very significant additional number of QALYs and at a cost effective rate per QUALY delivered (<£11,000/QALY against the NICE guidance for cost-effectiveness of £20,000/QALY).

This work again highlights the wider added value for us all in helping to ensure more people can afford to live in warmer, healthier homes, with not just huge savings for the NHS (at a time when it is under huge financial stress) but also the many positive impacts this has for each individual person and household involved.

For further details please see www.warmzones.co.uk