Case Studies

Male plumber working on central heating boiler

Mr Carr

Mr Carr, aged 52, was being treated in hospital for multiple myeloma cancer, kidney cancer and a broken back.  His boiler was not working at home (and was beyond economic repair) and so he had no regular heating or hot water, gre...

An elderly man sat at home with a magazine on his lap

Mr Baldwin

“From making the initial enquiry, then about 3-4 weeks later I had the new boiler installed. It was great, they were very efficient and the water is much hotter too.  I’m looking forward to being warm this winter and hopefull...

Senior woman adjusting her thermostat

Ms Carrell

“This is the first winter that I’ve not had to be admitted to hospital. It’s made a huge difference, the house is always lovely and warm, I’m able to do so much more”...

An elderly couple sat on a sofa

Mr & Mrs Seery

Mr Seery is a carer for his disabled wife but also has his own health problems, including heart and breathing problems. He was referred to Warm Zones by Age UK....

A lonely elderly lady sat gazing from her sofa

Mrs Binney

Mrs Binney, a pensioner, suffers from arthritis, an underactive thyroid and high blood pressure....

Male plumber working on central heating boiler

Mr Robson

Local social services approached Warm Zones asking for urgent assistance in the case of a 48 year old man who had had a major stroke the previous month, suffering a hypoxic brain injury as a result. This had been an immediate life...

Elderly person with emergency button

Mrs Howe

Although Mrs Howe, 69, was struggling to manage her health problems, she thought she would not qualify for any assistance....

A senior woman adjusting her thermostat at home

Mrs Bounday

This was a particularly acute hardship case where Warm Zones was able to intervene just in time and make a profound difference to the client....

Loft insulation being laid

Mr Morley

Mr Morley, 73, has a range of health issues including asbestosis, pleural plaques and prostate cancer.  Following a home survey, as part of a local project with his Council, we identified that he required additional home insulati...

Householder survey being conducted

Mrs Fraser

Mrs Fraser, 68, lives with her daughter who works part-time as a taxi driver.  She suffers from Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), Haemophilia, Arthritis and Asbestosis....

Old sick woman with asthma inhaler posing at home

Mrs F

Mrs F is an elderly lady who lives on her own in the North East. She was struggling to heat her home effectively until Warm Zones offered her the support she greatly needed....

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