Wall Insulation

You can lose about 35% of the heat in your home through poorly insulated walls. For most homes that means unnecessarily throwing away hundreds of pounds every year. Can you afford to keep wasting all that energy and money?

Warm Zones can offer access to grants for wall insulation to eligible households. These measures can save you hundreds of pounds on your fuel bill each year and for decades to come. If you install cavity wall insulation you could typically save around £145 on your annual fuel bills and for solid wall insulation you could typically save over £245 on your annual fuel bills.*

We use trusted local installers with a track record of excellent quality and customer service. We also carry out our own, independent quality assurance checks to ensure the work is to the highest standard.

Does your home have a cavity wall or a solid wall?

The table below gives an indication as to what types of walls your home may have depending on the type of house construction:

Age of propertyType of wallsAction required
Build from the 1990s onwardsAlready insulatedProbably no further action needed
Built between 1920 and 1990Probably cavity wallEnsure that cavity wall insulation is properly installed
Build before 1920Probably solid wallConsider either external and/or internal solid wall insulation

If you can see the brickwork on the outside of your home that can also help to identify if you have a cavity wall or solid wall (see diagram below). If your wall has a regular brick pattern, then it will be a cavity wall. If your wall has an alternating long then short brick pattern then it will be a solid wall.

Cavity wall insulation

Cavity wall insulation is usually simple, quick and very cost-effective to install. It involves drilling a set of small holes in each wall between the bricks so that an insulating material can be injected, and then the holes are refilled. It typically only takes two to three hours and involves little or no inconvenience or mess.

The cavity wall insulation also comes with a free, independent 25-year guarantee to give you even more peace of mind.

Solid wall insulation

Solid wall insulation can include adding extra insulation materials to either the outside of the walls (external wall insulation) or inside the walls (internal wall insulation). It is considerably more expensive than cavity wall insulation and the work does take longer to complete with a bit more disruption.

However, once completed, not only will the solid wall insulation save you many hundreds of pounds each year on your fuel bill (and for 25+ years to come) it can also improve the appearance of your home.

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 *Source: Energy Saving Trust, based on a semi-detached house with mains gas heating.

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