Local Authorities

Warm Zones has a long history of partnering with public sector organisations on energy efficiency projects, retrofit programmes and fuel poverty reduction schemes.

Our work spans both private and social housing throughout England, Scotland and Wales. We work with a broad range of partners, from the GLA, and large city councils such as Birmingham and Newcastle, Unitary and Metropolitan Authorities across the Midlands, North East and London, through to rural districts in Wales and the Orkney Islands.

A key part of our approach is to offer each council a flexible, bespoke service that is transparent and focused on our shared aims of tackling fuel poverty. In larger authorities, this allows us to provide a platform for cooperation between different departments, such as environmental services, public health and social housing.

What can we offer you?

  • Extensive industry experience and proven track record
  • Insight and assistance to help you build plans and strategies in support of your fuel poverty and energy efficiency targets
  • End to end project development and management
  • A turn key solution for delivering projects using the ECO Flexible Eligibility Mechanism
  • Stock management, assessment and data analytics
  • Sourcing of match funding to maximise your budget and minimise household contributions
  • Access to funding including ECO, Warm Home Discount, Warm Homes Fund, Redress, and Warm Zones Vulnerable Homes Fund
  • High quality measure installation through access to our national framework of trusted contractors
  • Marketing and resident engagement
  • Excellent customer care throughout
  • Value-added services for households including benefits entitlement checks, referrals for support, and energy advice
  • Regular and detailed management information
  • Robust compliance and quality assurance processes

Over 1 Million
assessments completed
Over 450,000
measures installed
Over 370,000
homes assisted
Over £56 million in additional
annual household income secured

Project case studies

Hull Boulevard external wall insulation scheme after picture

Hull Warm Zones

delivering energy efficiency street by street to improve neighbourhoods...

Rochdale case study after picture

Rochdale Private Housing Scheme

a challenging private sector housing scheme in a deprived community in Rochdale...

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