Instructions: How to cure hemorrhoids?

Since the first signs of hemorrhoids often go unnoticed, or they are fundamentally ignored, not wanting to notice the problem, the disease begins to progress exponentially. Additional factors that prevent a timely visit to the proctologist are false embarrassment, the fear that this disease is not treated non-surgically.

Non-surgical techniques

Getting rid of hemorrhoids without pain and surgery is quite possible, so you should not delay contacting a specialized clinic. But this requires a timely passage of a clinical examination. There are minimally invasive methods that allow you to get rid of hemorrhoidal formations and prevent its occurrence in the future.

Laser vaporization

Laser radiation vaporizes tissue from the hemorrhoidal formation. After several such procedures, the node is reduced and subsequently it comes out during defecation. The main advantage of this method is the absence of an inflammatory process and postoperative scars, non-traumaticity, and a reduction in the rehabilitation period. This procedure is effective at the initial stage of manifestation of hemorrhoids.

Radio wave treatment

Treatment is carried out by excision of hemorrhoids with radio waves. Non-contact incision and coagulation of tissues is carried out by high-frequency radio waves. Therefore, the whole process takes place without blood and pain. The whole procedure lasts for half an hour, takes place on an outpatient basis. The patient does not need to stay in the inpatient department until full recovery. It is enough for him to come to the reception on the day appointed by the specialist. As a rule, the first visit to the doctor is planned a couple of weeks after treatment.

Latex ligation

Ligation occurs with the help of a latex ring, which is thrown over the hemorrhoids. The principle of this treatment lies precisely in squeezing the legs of the knot with latex rings. In just a couple of weeks, it dies off, and it comes out naturally.This method of treatment of hemorrhoids is used at stages 1, 2 and 3 of the disease. The method of treatment of hemorrhoids depends on how timely the patients appeal to the proctologist was. Therefore, you should not delay a visit to a specialist if you find obvious symptoms of hemorrhoids.

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