Instructions: How to cure hair?

Quite often there are problems with hair. This is reported by symptoms such as hair loss, dandruff or itchy scalp. After the appearance of such symptoms, a person often tries to solve the problem on his own. He purchases various medicines, shampoos, masks and balms for home treatment of his hair. You need to be aware that self-medication can lead to even more problems. Therefore, before starting treatment at home, it is better to immediately contact a trichologist who will establish the root cause and select an effective method of hair treatment.

Hair treatment methods

The latest technologies offer a diverse range of hair treatments that depend on the cause of the problem:
  • Head massage. Decreased blood circulation in the scalp slows down blood flow and therefore cell metabolism. Because of this, hair follicles do not receive enough substances necessary for their work. Massaging the scalp activates blood circulation. Blood circulates better and effectively nourishes the roots with vitamins and microelements.
  • Plasma therapy. An injection method of treatment in which the patients blood is injected under the skin after special preparation. After that, stem cells are activated, metabolic processes in the hair follicles are normalized, which increases the growth and quality of new hair. Several sessions are recommended to achieve the result.
  • Mesotherapy. With the help of injections, a special preparation rich in vitamins and microelements is injected into the subcutaneous layers. The composition of the drug is selected individually and depends on the problem of the patient. Targeted action allows you to get the result of treatment as quickly as possible.
  • Electroporation. Non-invasive method of treatment. The purpose of the method is to deliver the necessary medicinal or cosmetic substances to the layers of the skin using electrical impulses. The advantage of the method is the absence of skin injury.
  • Ozone therapy. The effect of ozone on the scalp stimulates blood circulation, saturates the cells with oxygen, relieves inflammation and fights fungi and bacteria. Hair follicles work hard, hair roots are strengthened.
Hair treatment is carried out only in organizations that have a medical license to carry out certain methods.Medical procedures allow to solve not only external, but also internal problems of hair. After several visits, you can completely get rid of hair loss, dandruff, brittleness. Hair is saturated with useful vitamins and microelements. They are filled with health and delight their owner.

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