Instructions: How to cure hearing?

In the presence of such symptoms as: an increase in lymph nodes, a decrease in the level of audibility of music and interlocutors, the appearance of ringing, hum, noise in the ears - you need to contact a specialized clinic for treatment. To date, there are a large number of methods for restoring hearing and eliminating concomitant symptoms. Hearing loss negatively affects the quality of life.

General therapy

In this case, medicines and various narrow-acting drugs are used: Anti-inflammatory drugs;
  • Antibiotics for the destruction of various pathogenic microbes, bacteria;
  • Nootropic drugs. Their action is aimed at improving blood circulation.
To remove moisture accumulated behind the eardrum, medicines are used to drain this fluid. If general therapy has not brought the positive effects expected from it, a comprehensive examination is prescribed. After receiving the results, the specialist selects a different method of influencing the hearing problem.


In combination with general therapy, auxiliary measures are taken to restore the quality of hearing. Namely:
  • Washing with various solutions. It is prescribed to remove sulfur accumulations in the ears and minimize the inflammatory process.
  • Purge. The treatment method is aimed at eliminating inflammation in the middle ear.
  • Pneumomassage - vacuum effect on the eardrum. It is carried out during the period of rehabilitation after injuries and injuries of the ear.
  • Magnitolaser therapy is a combination of a magnetic field and laser pulses for a deep effect on damaged tissues. This allows you to enhance regeneration, improve immune protection, and eliminate the inflammatory process. You can solve a hearing problem without prompt action if you contact a specialized clinic in a timely manner.


This event is resorted to when the patient has serious hearing problems, and even if hearing can be restored, the level of audibility will not be the same, he will be able to make out only some words. Hearing aids are available behind the ear and in-ear. The main task of such devices is to amplify sounds. The volume can be adjusted independently.They also come with additional features. If hearing impairment is associated with a serious injury or congenital pathology, reconstruction is prescribed. Treatment methods for hearing problems are selected depending on the causes of this problem.

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