Instructions: How to cure joints?

Joint disease is called arthrosis, it is associated with a metabolic disorder in the joints. Symptoms of arthrosis are: pain and crunching in the joints during movement, joint deformity, swelling and hyperemia of tissues around the affected joint, limited articular mobility, etc. Women are most susceptible to arthrosis, the lesion is often localized in the hip and knee joints. The reasons can be both genetic factors and acquired, these include: overweight, autoimmune diseases, inflammation, infection of the joints. To cure arthrosis, there are methods aimed at eliminating it: Pharmacotherapy. After visiting a doctor and making a diagnosis, local and systemic pharmacotherapy is prescribed for outpatient treatment, that is, treatment at home. Local include ointments and gels based on non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, chondroprotectors, as well as steroids that are injected intra-articularly or into the soft tissues surrounding the joint. Systemic pharmacotherapy includes analgesics and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs to relieve symptoms, inflammation and pain. Ethnoscience. Lemon and Vishnevskys ointment are effective in the treatment of arthrosis, you need to cut off a circle of lemon, attach it to the sore joint and fix the lemon for the night, do this manipulation for two nights in a row, and on the third night apply a cotton pad with Vishnevskys ointment to the diseased joint. You can also make a compress from milk and eggshells, for this you need to chop the shell, add fermented milk to it in a ratio of 1 to 1, apply the compress to the sore joint for 1 hour. You can also use propolis: orally 1 pea 1 time per day and topically make applications of softened propolis in a water bath. An ointment that can be made at home is very popular: you need to crush the herbs of yarrow and St.And if you want to quickly relieve pain, you can first make a hot compress for 20 minutes on the area of ​​pain in the joint, and then a cold compress, also for 20 minutes. Also, in addition to all of the above methods, you can pay attention to the following tools that are used to treat joints: