Instructions: How to cure potency?

Unfortunately, recently the problem with potency in men has become more frequent. Erectile dysfunction is a concomitant disease. Typical symptoms of potency disorders are manifested:

  • Reduced or no sex drive.
  • Premature ejaculation that is not controlled during intercourse.
  • The softness of the penis during intimacy.
  • The orgasm is very blurred or completely absent.
  • Reduced amount of ejaculate.
  • The number of erections decreases significantly throughout the day.
If one or more symptoms are found, it is urgent to contact a qualified urologist. Causes of the disease:
  • Disturbance in the functioning of the central system.
  • Consequences of previous genitourinary infections, accompanied by complications.
  • Pathological changes in vessels or veins.
  • Irregularities in genetics.
  • Hormonal failures.
  • Failure to follow the rules of personal hygiene.

Methods of treatment

In the initial stages or as an addition to the main therapy, dietary supplements are used that contain:
  • Raw materials from animals, such as royal jelly or maize manti.
  • Helpful herbal ingredients such as ginger, ginseng and other medicinal plants.
  • Minerals, such as tourmaline or shilajit.
It is important to contact a qualified specialist immediately after the onset of symptoms of erectile dysfunction, so as not to aggravate the situation. The doctor usually prescribes drug therapy, which includes:
  • Medicated treatment.
  • Working with a psychologist.
  • Surgical intervention in the treatment of venous or arterial insufficiency.
  • Implantation of prostheses in the penis
It is necessary to approach the solution of the problem with potency in a complex manner. As an addition to the main therapy, you can add a dietary supplement. A feature of the product is an exclusively herbal composition, as well as the absence of harmful chemical elements. Before using the product, be sure to read the instructions, especially the contraindications section and the list of active ingredients. In the absence of effect or deterioration in health, it is necessary to immediately stop taking it and contact a qualified specialist.