Instructions: How to quit smoking?

Smoking is one of the most common addictions in the world. When awareness of this problem comes, most decide to get rid of this addiction. Everyone is trying to find the very method that will help him quickly quit smoking so that after a certain period of time he will not return to him again.

List of effective smoking cessation methods

Experts refer to the most effective options for dealing with addiction as those that allow a person not to smoke for six months. Official medicine today recognized only a couple of methods - in our list they will occupy a leading position:
  • Help from a qualified professional. Only a doctor will be able to prescribe a regimen for the time of giving up cigarettes, as well as additionally prescribe drugs to help cope with stress.
  • Nicotine gum and patch. This method is suitable for those who absolutely cannot give up nicotine. The main disadvantage is the fact that after a while you will need to wean yourself from these substitutes.
  • Coding or hypnosis. Using hypnosis, a psychotherapist can suggest to a person that he can refuse and live without nicotine. The main thing is that the person himself expresses this desire and accepts outside help.
  • Acupuncture. The specialist sticks special needles into the necessary points located on the ears, and gradually the craving for smoking decreases. To achieve the desired result, you will need to go through 1 to 6 sessions.
  • Busy throughout the day. Psychologists have proven that hard work helps reduce the number of cigarettes smoked, and in some cases quit altogether. After all, there is absolutely no time for a smoke break.
  • Physical activity. Quitting smoking can help active exercise. Moderate and regular exercise contributes to the development of a conditioned sense of pleasure. This state will help you change your habits much faster.
  • Travel. An excellent way to quit smoking is unusual expeditions and tourist trips.It is very important to choose a non-smoking team for these classes, in this case there will be no one to “shoot” a cigarette.
  • Modern trends from the Internet and social networks. Today it is very possible to quit smoking using information from Internet resources. One of these methods was A. Carrs book The Easy Way to Quit Smoking.
  • Help from family and friends. You can ask your friends or relatives to mark the number of days without smoking, or the days when relapses occur. It is useful to mark each important date, for example, a week without cigarettes, etc. The important thing is to have a goal and strive for it!
Dont stop at just one method. Choose several options that will help you achieve the desired result in the fastest way. If you are a smoker with little experience, and there is no desire to seek the help of a doctor, then you can use special tools that help get rid of nicotine addiction.

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