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What is HairEx?

HairEx – is an all-natural product that can restore your hair in just 28 days. Dull, split, lifeless hair can suffer from many negative factors, including polluted air, frequent coloring or unbalanced diet. All of these factors lead to hair breakage, rapid hair loss, and stunted hair growth. HairEx restores their structure by penetrating into the deepest structures of hair and scalp, saturating them with an enormous amount of vitamins and nutrients, so that the hair becomes strong, shiny, smooth, whiter, thicker and faster growing. Get a rich, luxurious hair is unimaginably easy. Simply use HairEx every day to achieve a phenomenal, eye-catching look. Great for people of all genders and ages.

Is it scam or legit?

Based on my personal experience and customer reviews, I believe that HairEx is not a scam.
Customer Rating: 4.4
Author's Rating: 4.3
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How does it really work?

Drug characteristics: 4.6
The effectiveness of the drug: 4.3

HairEx natural extracts and natural ingredients, when applied to the skin and hair, begin to instantly improve their condition increasing their positive effect as they accumulate in the body. Thus, penetrating deep into the layers of the dermis, they normalize blood circulation, strengthen capillary walls, thus stabilizing the water balance, the cells are properly provided with nutrients and oxygen, and waste products of decay are quickly removed without damaging the tissues.
This improves the condition of the hair follicles. Dormant hair follicles are awakened and those that are currently inactive are strengthened. Hair is saturated with vitamins, minerals, keratin, thus becoming stronger, smoother, shinier, more elastic, their growth is accelerated and their quantity increases. Gradually the hair becomes thicker, begins to look healthier, more groomed, easier to comb and style.


  • Confirmed by doctors
  • Natural composition
  • Opinions of popular people

Instruction: How to use?

Ease of application: 4.5

The spray should be spread evenly over the surface of the scalp and hair. Do not rinse, leave it until the active ingredients are fully absorbed. Perform the procedure in the morning so that the product can work throughout the day, revitalizing the cells. Do not miss a day of using the drug to get the best result in the shortest possible time. The course of application is 28 calendar days.

Information - HairEx
Product Name HairEx
Official site www.HairEx.com
Price 39$
Delivery time 5-14 days
Composition 100% natural. Not a drug
Customer Reviews Positive


Packing quality: 4.2
Structure: 4.7
  • Procapil - slows cells aging process, restores their structure, awakens dormant hair follicles, prevents excessive hair loss.
  • Keratin - smoothes the scales, fills voids in the hair stems, makes them elastic, smooth.
  • Magnesium - improves absorption of nutrients, vitamins and minerals by cells, prevents the appearance of gray hair, normalizes the water balance in the skin tissues.
  • Caffeine - moisturizes skin, saturates it with oxygen, prevents dryness, itching, flaking, improves blood circulation, accelerates metabolic processes, increases hair growth.


Does HairEx have any side effects?

According to our data and customer feedback, if the indications and contraindications are followed, then HairEx has no obvious side effects.

Where can I find the official HairEx website?

The manufacturer and the official HairEx website can be found at link below.

Can I buy HairEx in a pharmacy?

Unfortunately not. You can only buy original products from the manufacturer's website, this is the only authorized distributor.

How can I order HairEx?

To place an order, all you have to do is fill in the official form, enter your name, surname and mobile phone number. A representative of the company, with whom you can request the information you are interested in, will contact you as soon as possible to confirm your order, and in a few days you will receive the product directly at your home and payment on delivery.

In which countries is it sold?

HairEx is sold in all countries. You can order delivery to any place convenient for you.

How long does delivery take?

On average, delivery takes 5-7 days, but can take up to 14 days.


Product nameAuthor's RatingCustomer Rating
HairEx 4.3 4.4
Folicerin 4.5 4.5
Gentlemen’s Secret 4.6 4.7

Indications for use

This spray should be used when hair is weakened, excessive hair loss, slowed growth, loss of its natural shine and smoothness, split ends, difficulty combing, dandruff, dryness, itching scalp (causes may be polluted atmosphere, frequent coloring, unbalanced diet, excessive stress factors on the nervous system, hard water, use of poor quality, unsuitable skin and hair type hygiene products).


Based on the results of long-term and repeated clinical trials, no side effects have been observed, and therefore the product can be used without a special prescription. The only contraindication is the presence of individual intolerance to the ingredients of the drug.

Doctor's review

HairEx is the best natural remedy for hair improvement. It is not addictive and has no negative effect, but on the contrary, restores the damaged hair follicles, awakens them, accelerates the development and growth of new hairs. All this happens quickly, naturally, the amount of healthy, strong hair becomes more and more every day. All this is confirmed both by the laboratory data I have and by the reviews of those people who have seen the effectiveness of this product in practice.


Price: 4

HairEx is sold on the official website at a price of 39$

Where to buy HairEx in UK, USA and other countries?

Delivery speed: 4.1

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 english reviews on our site, the average rating for this product HairEx:
4.4 / 5

Are there any negative reviews about HairEx?

We did not find any confirmed negative reviews for HairEx among customers.
Attention, beware of fakes! Customers are advised to buy on the official website
Just unbelievable! Thought I was going to have to either start wearing a wig or shave my head. My hair was falling out at a breakneck speed and the bald spots were huge. But after this spray, it all stopped at first, and then new hair started to grow. Im so glad I did!
Grateful to the creator of this wonderful product. It has saved my hair. Now its like they are glowing from the inside out, so smooth and nice to the touch like theyve never been before.
My hair looks very healthy and well cared for afterwards. Thank you!

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