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What is Illuvium?

Illuvium is a collectible role-playing computer game created using adventure stories and the ability to earn electronic money on the Ethereum blockchain.

In the game, players move across different regions of the fantasy world, meet monsters called Illuvials, and fight them. By winning, the participant becomes the owner of fragments (or fragments) of monsters. As a result, they collect a collection of monsters. The latter increase their strength over time, enable the player to fight with competitors, visit more dangerous regions.

The difference between this game and similar developments in battle. It is not turn-based, but represents an automatic battle every time, allowing the player to place his illuvials in accordance with strategic plans aimed at an unconditional victory over the enemy. It was in the battles that the developers realized the opportunity to earn ETH tokens, which later become real profit.

Is it scam or legit?

Based on my personal experience and customer reviews, I believe that Illuvium is not a scam.

If you focus only on reviews, for example, on the Internet, then you can not only believe in Illuvium, but also in most other platforms that are not similar to this one. The same software belongs to new directions in blockchain technologies, it is only mastering them, therefore it can have flaws, which are being pressed by ill-wishers. But their negative reviews are not based on facts, but on the desire to kill a competitor in the bud, to prevent him from gaining a part of the market where they are actively making money.

The best way to check what has been said is to play a game and form your opinion about it. Among the commentators there are such and, judging by the opinions they have formed, the game really allows you to earn cryptocurrency on your ability to win in situations offered by the developers of the virtual world.

Information - Illuvium
Service name Illuvium
Official site
Demo account Free
Account currencies Dollars, Euro
Profitability up to 85%
Interface language English
Available in countries United Kingdom, USA, India, UAE, Philippines

Instruction: How to use?

As in all similar games, you first need to go to the platforms website, register, get an account, which you will need in the future during breaks and subsequent logins to the game. Having received all that is marked, you can download it and run it. The next is the choice of illuvials, in which it is necessary to pay attention to a number of properties that will affect their qualities in further travels and battles:

  • A synergy that combines the attributes of illuvials, expressed in affinity and class.Characters can include one or several characteristics at once, represented in the game by basic properties and basic classes (both of them 5 each). Stronger in the game Illuvium are those who have several of the latter and, most importantly, kindred. The player receives bonuses for this, and they are stronger when monsters with the same or similar synergy are placed on the battlefield.
  • Proximity. By this property, illuvials can refer to Water, Earth, Fire, Nature, Air. In this list, the order is important, allowing you to inflict more significant damage to the enemy standing further in it.
  • Class. Illuvials in the game are divided into five classes: Fighter; Guardian; Rogue (attacks suddenly or from behind); Psion (wizard); Empath (group healer). Here, as in the vicinity, listing is important.

How does it really work?

When starting a battle, each illuvial chooses an enemy and attacks them. By damaging him, he gains energy. When the latter reaches a certain limit, a special Ultimate Ability is released, capable of interfering with the course of the game, changing it. In her ability to strengthen herself, allies, beat enemies so that they fly out of the arena. The end of the battle occurs after the complete defeat of one of the teams.

After the battle, it is possible to catch the defeated with the help of the provided captures-shards, to make them your own. There are nuances here: there are rare catches when they get an illuvial that stands out from others (it brings more ETH tokens); several illuvials merge into more powerful ones (also valued with a large amount of ETH); accumulated experience and levels that affect the strength of the character over time; obtaining collections of resources, implying participation in the battle not only illuvials, but also the player.

All of the above brings the player ETH tokens, which are then withdrawn to crypto exchanges using the crypto wallets available in the Illuvium program.


  • Free demo account
  • Low minimum deposit
  • High yield
  • Training and analytics


Can I withdraw money from the Illuvium website?

Yes of course. You can withdraw money by any means convenient for you.

What is the minimum deposit at Illuvium?

The minimum deposit at Illuvium is $250.

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Safety 4.5
Support 4.4
Reputation 4.9
Payment options 4.8
User experience 4.3
Profitability 4.6
Easy to use 5
Overall Rating 4.6
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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 english reviews on our site, the average rating for this product Illuvium 4.4

Are there any negative reviews about Illuvium?

We did not find any confirmed negative reviews for Illuvium among customers.
The emergence of programs like Illuvium on the market marked a new stage in working with cryptocurrencies. Now it can be earned not only on special exchanges, but also by playing an exciting virtual game. I believed in this platform, I enjoy wandering through the unknown, full of dangers virtual world and at the same time making a profit that partially covers my needs. Its nice, Im waiting for the sequels.I hope that the software will improve, update, become more interesting in terms of the game and in terms of making money on electronic money.
The fact that there is a game Illuvium, which in terms of its capabilities is among the best virtual platforms and also makes it possible to earn tokens, I learned from my friends-gamers. I tried it, I liked it. A really cool thing, with interesting episodes, exciting fights. The latter bring the highest income. So, if you know how to fight well online, then this is definitely for you. And enjoy the game, and earn on your skill.
Illuvium - from the new online games. I entered it out of interest, began to play - I liked it. When I received my first money, I liked it twice. I understand, master, I hope that this will help increase profits. And all this against the background of the pleasure that I get from the game as a gamer.

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