SolarGuard Pro What it it? Reviews 2021. How it works? How to use it?
SolarGuard Pro what is it?

SolarGuard Pro

SolarGuard Pro what is it?

SolarGuard Pro is an innovative burglar alarm system that helps keep every home safe. This is a must for anyone who wants to effectively protect their home and garage. As soon as someone leaves the premises, the system will inform you about the login.
SolarGuard Pro is the most reliable alarm on the market. You will be notified whenever the system detects external movements in your area. If you decide that you need to protect your loved ones and the territory of your home, feel free to choose SolarGuard Pro – a device that ensures the safety of the whole family.
Attackers often invade private property. But now your security will be protected by SolarGuard Pro. The system is solar powered and has a sensitive Neutral Infrared (PIR) sensor. As soon as someone hits it, you will immediately receive a notification that someone has visited your site.

Information - SolarGuard Pro
Product Name: SolarGuard Pro
Official site www.SolarGuard
Price SolarGuard Pro 39$
Storage conditions Store at a temperature not exceeding 25 ° C.
Pharmacy license conditions At the counter
Available in countries: United Kingdom, USA, India, Philippines
Available in pharmacies no
Availability on Amazon no
Delivery time 5-14 days
Availability available on the official website
Composition 100% natural. Not a drug
Customer reviews Positive

Composition of SolarGuard Pro

  • Solar Panels: The system is powered by solar panels. This eliminates the need for battery owners to replace batteries, so charging is automatic.
  • Waterproofing material IP65: The protection system is made of waterproofing material. Snow and rain will not interfere with the protection system.
  • Robust sensors: SolarGuard Pro is equipped with the smallest sensors that can detect the slightest movement.
  • Volume up to 190dB: This security system has multiple volume control modes. You can change the alert levels based on environmental factors.


  • Fast shipping
  • Low price
  • Experts advise

Instruction: how to use SolarGuard Pro?

  1. First you need to find a suitable place to install your system. It could have been the entrance to the courtyard.
  2. Sun protection sensors should not be charged as they use solar energy.
  3. You will hear a beep as soon as someone approaches the sensor.
  4. With the help of a sound signal, you will know that a stranger has entered the house at any time.

How does it work?

The most powerful PIR sensor SolarGuard Pro detects any external movement. It is 100% accurate, so it immediately warns you with a signal that someone has passed. This way you will always feel comfortable and safe at home. Install the professional SolarGuard Pro in your home, garden, garage or anywhere else without wasting a minute.


Where can I find the official SolarGuard Pro website?

The manufacturer and the official SolarGuard Pro website can be found at link below.

Can I buy SolarGuard Pro in a pharmacy?

Unfortunately not. You can only buy original products from the manufacturer's website, this is the only authorized distributor.

How can I order SolarGuard Pro?

To place an order, all you have to do is fill in the official form, enter your name, surname and mobile phone number. A representative of the company, with whom you can request the information you are interested in, will contact you as soon as possible to confirm your order, and in a few days you will receive the product directly at your home and payment on delivery.

In which countries is it sold?

SolarGuard Pro is sold in all countries. You can order delivery to any place convenient for you.

How long does delivery take?

On average, delivery takes 5-7 days, but can take up to 14 days.

Is SolarGuard Pro a deception?

We checked SolarGuard Pro and found no sign of cheating.

Are there any negative reviews about SolarGuard Pro?

We did not find any confirmed negative reviews for SolarGuard Pro among customers.

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