Instructions: How to enlarge the penis quickly?

The weaker sex may deny it, but penis size matters. There are some penises that do not have significant length and girth. This negatively affects the psychological state of a man, and also worsens the quality of sexual life. But try to increase it only if there are deviations from the norm. It should be noted that the growth of the male penis occurs before the age of 20, so it is necessary to think and start worrying after reaching a period of maturity. If you start early in your expansion, it is possible that it will cause damage to health, and some kind of injury may also occur. In general, it is considered that the normal length of the penis is in the range of 12 to 15 cm in an erect state. At the same time, its circumferential thickness should be 10 cm. If there is a deviation of 2 cm, then this is considered a variant of the norm. But, if more, it is already a pathology.

Home remedies for penis enlargement

Now tell us about the ways in which you can increase the male penis at home. Before proceeding with penis enlargement at home, the first thing to do is to consult a urologist. After all, you can afford to participate in the procedure if you make sure that there are no such contraindications as sexually transmitted and infectious diseases, inflammatory processes in the skin of the penis, as well as exacerbation of chronic processes.

Penis enlargement by natural means (lemon, onion, toothpaste)

Unfortunately, we have to disappoint you, but most of the known home remedies do not actually help to increase the penis. There are ways to increase using the Internet:
  • bow
  • Lemon
  • toothpaste
But there are no studies showing that these remedies help solve this problem.

Using Penis Enlargement Devices

How to enlarge the penis with masturbation (jelqing)?

This method appeared a very long time ago in folk medicine. It is believed that they have been used in the East for a long time, but for some reason doctors do not recommend this method for practical use. Although in practice, a significant effect of these exercises is noted. But this is not for long. Its duration is no more than 3 hours. You can maximize the penis enlargement by this method by only 1 cm.If you use it often enough, then there may be problems with potency, bruising of the penis, and subsequently the man will feel pain from the penis. It is customary to distinguish between two versions of this technique: dry and wet.
  • Dry method: training is done without lubrication.
  • Wet - using gel.
Basic steps:
  • Before starting the procedure, the penis should be in a state of about 70% arousal, but the main thing is not to harden.
  • It should then be wrapped in a damp towel to steam out. This helps make it more elastic.
  • Alternatively, you can take your penis and wrap your thumb and forefinger around it for about 10 seconds.
  • In this state, closed fingers are directed towards the head of the penis. When it is reached, the hand stops, but it cannot be removed. The second hand must repeat the action from the very beginning. When the hands meet at a point, they are removed and the exercise is repeated again.
  • Method of male penis enlargement using a vacuum pump

    This procedure using a vacuum pump is in demand in medicine, but does not allow to achieve a lasting effect. According to reviews that exist on the network, the maximum result will be no more than 3 cm. The main indication for buying a pump of this type is the presence of erectile dysfunction. If you listen to the advice of doctors, they advocate the purchase of a more expensive hydraulic pump. The fact is that such a device is less traumatic. This is due to the fact that the effect on the penis is carried out by water. The main steps in the technique of using a vacuum pump:
    1. The penis should be placed inside the jar;
    2. Then the jar is attached with its base to the pubis;
    3. Then slowly pump air into the flask.

    Applying an expander

    This device is used to stretch the penis. The device allows you to lengthen, thicken and correct, if necessary, the curvature. According to medical indications, it is prescribed for men after a surgical operation. It is customary to distinguish between several options for this device:
    • Laces are rarely used, as they are uncomfortable to wear and strongly tighten the genitals. They can be worn for a maximum of 30 minutes, after which you should take a break.
    • Bandages are very commonly used in the postoperative period. The reason is that they allow you to grip as close to the head as possible and provide minimal discomfort compared to the previous ones.
    • Empty. This mechanism is based on the extraction of air from the chamber. It is this camera that is placed on the head of the penis.

    Penis enlargement with a stretcher

    The stretcher is a structure whose main function is to lengthen the penis. Its fixation is carried out with the help of straps on one leg or one shoulder.

    Surgical penis enlargement

    In general, all operations associated with an increase in the size of the penis are divided into thickening and lengthening the organ. Varieties of lengthening operations

    Lip filler.

    Before the procedure, adipose tissue is removed from the patients abdomen. After that, it is cleaned of various impurities so that only pure fat remains. Before the intervention, the patient completely shaves off the hair in the groin area. The anesthesiologist administers general anesthesia and begins the operation. Doctors disinfect the genitals and use a needle to inject the already prepared composition inside. In principle, this procedure takes less than an hour. After completion, a sterile dressing is applied to the genitals. The effect is permanent, as only 30% of the injected fat is absorbed. Thus, it is possible to thicken the penis by a maximum of 3 cm.

    Hyaluronic acid injections

    These injections allow you to increase the size of the penis by just 1 cm. This procedure is somewhat similar to the previous one and is the most affordable. Even in small towns, the effect persists for a long time.


    This method involves the use of a gel encapsulated in a special silicone shell. The doctor makes a puncture in the skin of the penis and attaches it to the sheath.

    False prosthesis.

    If the penis is not too long due to its curvature, the doctor inserts an artificial rod. It is quite rigid, inflatable and elastic. The procedure is quite traumatic, so the man will have to recover within a year. This operation not only increases the length, but also improves the strength.

    The best penis enlargement creams

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