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Garcinia Extra what is it?

Garcinia Extra is a nutritional supplement made from natural ingredients known to promote weight loss. Although the name may suggest that it is an extract of garcinia cambogia, it is made from two main ingredients

Product Name: Garcinia Extra
Official site www.Garcinia Extra.com
Price 39$
Storage conditions Store at a temperature not exceeding 25°C.
Pharmacy license conditions At the counter
Delivery United Kingdom, USA, India, Philippines
Available in pharmacies? Discover
Availability on Amazon: no
Delivery time: 5-14 days
Availability: available on the official website
Composition: 100% natural. Not a drug
User reviews: Positive

When it comes to losing weight, every bit counts. Garcinia Extra was designed as a nutritional supplement in pill form that can help boost weight loss. Such supplements came on the market at the perfect time as there is a general shift towards healthier lifestyles and more emphasis on natural remedies and higher quality foods. Garcinia Extra fits perfectly with a healthy eating plan and a moderately active lifestyle.


The supplement consists of two main ingredients, garcinia cambogia extract and raspberry ketone.

  • Garcinia Cambogia, the main ingredient, is a tropical fruit rich in hydroxycitric acid, known as HCA. HCA blocks the production of lyase citrate, which the human body needs to produce fat. At the same time, HCA increases serotonin levels, which helps reduce the feeling of hunger.
  • Raspberry ketone has been used to speed up weight loss by reducing the body's ability to produce new fat cells and is known to increase metabolic rates.

Instruction: how to use?

Garcinia Extra Instruction: how to use?
Instruction: how to use?

As the extra Garcinia is a nutritional supplement, it should be taken regularly throughout the weight loss programme. Several conditions determine how well the supplement will work.

  • Garcinia Extra needs to be associated with a balanced diet. When associated with a low carbohydrate, low fat diet, the pill will accelerate weight loss by increasing the metabolic rate and preventing the body from producing new fat cells. This means that the body will consume more energy throughout the day while storing little or no new fat. If the diet is planned correctly, the body will be forced to use the existing fat cells as an energy source.
  • Garcinia Extra should be taken daily throughout the weight loss process. Since HCA and the active compounds in raspberry ketone are not produced naturally by the human body, even if both come from natural sources, the supplement must be taken daily to ensure a continuous dose of both.
  • Being sedentary can significantly slow down the weight loss process. Even if the supplement helps burn a few hundred extra calories a day, a little exercise is recommended. A 20 minute jogging session can burn up to 400 calories and in the grand scheme of things, every calorie burned matters.

How does it work?

Garcinia Extra How does it work?
How does it work?

The two active ingredients in Garcinia Extra have two main effects. HCA acid together with raspberry ketone extract inhibits the production of lyase citrate and adiponectin. Both enzymes are needed to produce new fat cells. As their production in the body is inhibited by both, new fat cells are produced at a much slower rate. At the same time, supplementation accelerates the metabolic rate. By doing so, the body will start consuming more energy. Combined with a low-calorie diet, the body will be forced to consume fat cells for energy, while it will not be able to produce new ones. The Garcinia Extra is certainly not a miracle pill. There's no such pill that can make people destroy fat without investing a little effort, by being aware of what they're eating and getting a little exercise. Garcinia Extra acts as an accelerator that's not meant to make things easy, but to make things faster.


Where can I find the official EcoSlim website?

The manufacturer and the official EcoSlim website can be found at this link.

Can I buy EcoSlim in a pharmacy?

Unfortunately not. You can only buy original products from the manufacturer's website, this is the only authorized distributor.

How can I order EcoSlim?

To place an order, all you have to do is fill in the official form, enter your name, surname and mobile phone number. A representative of the company, with whom you can request the information you are interested in, will contact you as soon as possible to confirm your order, and in a few days you will receive the product directly at your home and payment on delivery.

In which countries is it sold?

Garcinia Extra is sold in all countries. You can order delivery to any place convenient for you.

How long does delivery take?

On average, delivery takes 5-7 days, but can take up to 14 days.

Is Garcinia Extra a deception?

We checked Garcinia Extra and found no sign of cheating.

Are there any negative reviews about Garcinia Extra?

We did not find any confirmed negative reviews for Garcinia Extra among customers.



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